Air Traffic Control Center V1.0
The original freeware ATC simulator game released in 1996. It still works with current versions of Windows, although it requires an awkward DOS emulator. Instructions are in the link. (Version 1.1 with full sound was a 16-bit app that is no longer supported by current versions of Windows).

O'Hare Emergency
FAA radar recreation (with audio) of an emergency at an ORD departure sector from December '00. EGF230 loses pitch control and is vectored back to the airport in a scary sequence. This is an .exe program that plays back the actual radar tracks, using the FAA radar playback tool. (11MB)

Controller's Nightmare I
ATC tape of the ValueJet ("Critter") 592 crash in Florida

Controller's Nightmare II
ATC tape of the Alaska 261 crash in L.A. sector 14.

D-Side Test
Actual "final exam" (with answers) controllers used to take prior to training on the first radar position.

ATCC Newsletter Archives
Old newsletters for the ATCC simulator game from '97-'98, with some good general ATC tips and info.