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ATCC V1.0  


Air Traffic Control Center™  is a highly realistic simulation of actual radar sectors in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles Enroute Air Traffic Control Centers. You take the position of the controller, guiding both small and large aircraft into and out of some of the busiest airports in the world! It is not just an addictive game, but a fully realistic simulation of actual traffic flows, radar sectors, ATC procedures and radar equipment currently used throughout the U.S.  Designed by a real controller, ATCC is ideal for pilots, controller trainees, aviation enthusiasts, or anybody else who wants to try one of the most stressful jobs on Earth...

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ATCC can be used by beginners. The manual covers everything you need to know: basics of aviation, fundamentals of Air Traffic Control, mental techniques on how to keep the "picture" without going insane, radio communications, and how to read the jumble of letters and symbols on the radar. Though there is a lot of information, it should only take a few hours of reading and practice to begin controlling. Besides being fun, ATCC is also extremely educational!

ATCC can also be used by experts! With all settings at fully realistic, ATCC is about as close as you can get to the real thing--it's more accurate, in fact, than the FAA's own DYSIM simulators. Real controllers can get valuable practice working consistently busy traffic and practicing scan techniques or sequencing under a variety of real-world conditions, such as weather deviations, or just otherwise being "down the tubes." Or pilots can find out what it's like on the "other side," and why controllers need to talk so fast!


  • Six actual sectors from the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York Air Route Traffic Control Centers mimic the real-life traffic flows, airport operations and sector procedures. Some sectors have mostly departures or crossing traffic, others involve primarily sequencing for approach, and others are a chaotic mix of both. You can also download a large number of user-made sectors from around the world.

  • Radar, data terminals and interphone consoles are nearly identical to the NAS M-1 consoles  used in the U.S. (and similar to what is used elsewhere).

  • Designed and fine-tuned by a real controller for maximum authenticity in all aspects, from procedures, to equipment, to precise aircraft performances and quirks. 

  • Advanced AI pilots communicate in standard ATC phraseology using digitized speech (full version only). The process simulates real-world "human" factors such as missed-readbacks, push-to-talk frequency congestion or varying reaction times. Pilots also understand a wide range of standard ATC clearances, from basic altitude/speed/heading instructions to multi-part crossing restrictions and VOR radial intercepts. 

  • Simulated weather accounts for upper winds, and can include turbulence (which usually just ties up the radio frequency with complaints), or may result in large-scale storm buildups that cause massive course deviations and throw your sector into chaos. Weather is created in real-time, based on the sector location and typical weather for the current day and month the program is run.

  • Realistic flight models for all aircraft, ranging from tiny Cessna 150's to 747's. Subtleties in aircraft performance and behavior were carefully fine-tuned to create an extremely accurate controlling environment. 

  • A "career" process lets you first "train" on sectors, where you can control the traffic level, and any mistakes you make don't count. Once you feel ready, you can then take a "certification check" where the simulated supervisor watches and grades your performance. If you're good enough, you become certified at that sector, and can then "work" it to build your hours and overall controller rating. Working a sector as a certified controller is considered a big responsibility--traffic levels are always kept at real-world intensities, and as in reality, mistakes are simply not allowed. You also can't just exit the program or turn off the computer when you feel like it, for example, or you'll get in big trouble when you return!  (Instead, you must request a break, then a short time later a computer controller will arrive and take over...)

Where to get it:

  • The complete Version 1.1 with talking pilots is only US $12.00. Download it here!

  • Free evaluation version: ATCC Lite (V1.0) is available at our Download Page. This is a no-time-limit, fully functioning version of the sim, but without sound (communications with text messages only).  

  • Online Manual: The full documentation is installed with the program, or you can click here to read it online. There is also a version in PDF format (with better-looking sector maps), and a Spanish translation available on the Downloads Page.



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